Easter Fetish Meeting 2024

29th March - 1st April 2024 in Essen, Germany

A non-profit event by and for fetishists.

We look forward to having a great time with you (again)!


Until Friday 29th March 6pm


Newsletter February 2024

Dear friends of the Easter Fetish Meeting Event, It won’t be long before we meet again in Essen. Today there is also some news and

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Something’s going on…

Hello dear Kinkys. We have added some news to the homepage.The program is taking shape and the list of exhibitors is now complete.The next newsletter

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EFM2024 Reservations:

We are in the planning stages with the hotel and as soon as there is news you will see it on this website and on our social media accounts. Hotel bookings are expected to be possible from mid/end of August.


The event is non-commercial and in order for it to take place we rely on your donations.

Ziel: 3.000 €
Spendengelder 100%

Everything you need to know for your visit

Everything you need & know for your visit,
can now be found in our“digital guest board”.

Pack cash and towel, install EFM app and then you’re ready to go 🙂

Frequently asked questions:

No, there is no need to register. We all meet at the same time at Hotel Bredeney.
No hotel booking is possible yet. We hope that it will work out by the end of August. You will be informed on our website, in the newsletter and on our social media channels.
It is planned that this will be possible again. But you will need to buy a day ticket for the hotel spa and fitness area. It costs 20€ per person. Please be fair and don't cheat on that!