Easter Fetish Meeting 2024

Dear friends of the Easter Fetish Meeting,

hard to believe – much too quickly – the EFM 2024 was over already two weeks ago.

A big thank you to you with a brief outlook

You all made the event what it was – which is why we all loved being there. A full cheer! It rattled out of every corridor and was a big success.

A big THANK YOU to all sponsors and donors from the organizing team and the community, without you the event would not have been possible.

To the many of you who spontaneously tackled, dragged and helped on site and supported us organizers – also a THANK YOU

You really helped us as the organizing team.

Looking ahead to 2025, we as a team have realized that we need to make “spontaneous help” more predictable for you and for us. The organizing team can no longer manage the many tasks alone – especially during the event. The event and we as the organizing team are dependent on you and your cooperation.

As we are looking ahead to “2025”: In initial discussions, our hotel seems to be interested in hosting the next EFM. This has not yet been finally clarified and rooms cannot yet be booked *-).

We are currently evaluating the many feedback forms and are curious to see where you liked it and where we should make improvements.

Catwalk and pictures

You can already find the pictures of the catwalk on the website.


You are also welcome to upload your own pictures, please use the following link:


The photographers will distribute the pictures they have taken directly to you. Please give them some time. They have produced many pictures over several days and these have to be viewed, edited, etc.


After all bills have been paid, a small financial stock will remain for the next year. This is important for us and helps us to enter into initial liabilities.

As usual, you can see the status of donations and their use on the website.

So much for the review and outlook and we wish you all the best until the next newsletter and hopefully Easter 2025.

Your organizing team of the Easter Fetish Meeting 2024

29th March - 1st April 2024 in Essen, Germany

A non-profit event by and for fetishists.

We look forward to having a great time with you (again)!


Ihr möchtet am Catwalk teilnehmen, dann geht es hier entlang.


Du möchtest an der Bustour teilnehmen, hier geht es zur Anmeldung.


Until Friday 29th March 6pm


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The event is non-commercial and in order for it to take place we rely on your donations.

Ziel: 3.000 €
Spendengelder 100%

Everything you need to know for your visit

Everything you need & know for your visit,
can now be found in our“digital guest board”.

Pack cash and towel, install EFM app and then you’re ready to go 🙂

Frequently asked questions:

No, there is no need to register. We all meet at the same time at Hotel Bredeney.
No hotel booking is possible yet. We hope that it will work out by the end of August. You will be informed on our website, in the newsletter and on our social media channels.
It is planned that this will be possible again. But you will need to buy a day ticket for the hotel spa and fitness area. It costs 20€ per person. Please be fair and don't cheat on that!