Donate for the EFM2024

The EFM 2024 still takes place on a non-profit basis – the event is therefore dependent on your donations.

Big and small things that are planned and we can already tell you today:

  1. The event program is also to be significantly expanded for Sunday with workshops and shows.
  2. An internationally experienced DJane should make the Saturday party a blast.
  3. Sunday night is supposed to be a chill pool and bar party.
  4. Of course, again the cat walk with many spectacular performances of you.
  5. From your feedback to us: A professional game room with an atmospheric mood!
  6. From your feedback to us: “More chairs/seating in the hotel” – and yes, the covers so you can sit without towels.
  7. Artists from the scene should also be able to show their works again.
  8. Photo wall and photo service may not be missing as well.
  9. Some pool and fun gimmicks that will put a smile on your face.

We, the EFM team, assume that you will enjoy this and that there will be something for everyone!

From the kinky dreams now to reality:

  1. For the party program DJ, DJ equipment, lighting system, sound system, event technician, etc. must be rented – and also Gema fees paid.
  2. For the catwalk a proper walking carpet is needed, for the chairs the covers, and the barrier walls unfortunately also have to be paid for.
  3. Room rentals, projectors and materials must be paid for the workshops and shows.
  4. The play area wants to be equipped, including lighting and music.
  5. The photo wall wants to be equipped like last year.
  6. and and and ….

The costs incurred will have to be met in full by our community in 2024. A major donor from 2023, who donated the light and sound system as well as the necessary installations to the EFM (equivalent to about 4000€), is not available for the EFM 2024. So we have to raise that amount ourselves for 2024.

And that’s where we are:


Since we can only order for you what we can pay, we ask you at this point again to feed the donation pot -> if many of you give something, we all have a cool and mega EFM 2024.

Yours EFM Team

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List of all expenses and income

2023-05-01Übertrag EFM 20231.002,01 €
2023-05-02Spacenoxx25,00 €
2023-06-15Celtic97,16 €
2023-06-20Lucifera Moan48,40 €
2023-06-20Psion150,00 €
2023-06-21Tasmania + StarCollector100,00 €
2023-06-21Anja + Mario145,90 €
2023-07-05Patty40,00 €
2023-07-16P. Kohlhaas24,03 €
2023-07-16Matthilatex150,00 €
2023-07-23Christopher Lutz50,00 €
2023-07-31Llover_2253,43 €
2023-07-31Marquis19,15 €
2023-08-14SweetRubberGene100,00 €
2023-08-21Vivishine520,00 €
2023-08-31LLdeSaxe520,00 €
2023-09-01ARTgerecht720,00 €
2023-09-04La-penguru77,66 €
2023-09-08Behalat50,00 €
2023-09-08Thomas und Dörte48,40 €
2023-09-08Jack Drossard72,78 €
2023-09-08Tabea_Fynn48,40 €
2023-09-11Rubberbeccy25,00 €
2023-09-11Marina und Frank48,40 €
2023-09-12Anonyme75,00 €
2023-09-12Marquis29,88 €
2023-09-14Kono-ZZS50,00 €
2023-10-18MSA Malerbetrieb48,40 €
2023-10-19Rubber´s Finest506,70 €
2023-10-25Inner Sanctum348,00 €
2023-10-30Glück9324,03 €
2023-11-20Diana und Torsten R.97,16 €
2023-11-24SpaceNoxx194,67 €
2023-11-24Kitty Forbidden14,28 €
2023-11-24Flyeralarm-70,42 €
2023-11-25Rubberwim24,03 €
2023-11-25RunaRubber67,91 €
2023-11-30Maratex50,00 €
2023-11-30Blackcat348,00 €
2023-11-30Kathy Hunter53,05 €
2023-12-01Hegi170151,51 €
2023-12-01Especially_201797,16 €
2023-12-01TheAlien_2.050,00 €
2023-12-02olli_letigre48,40 €
2023-12-02Gautier Aribaud8,46 €
2023-12-03ubber_girl_hmb und rubbergoddess. bizarr42,98 €
aktueller Stand6.294,92 €