Easter Fetish Meeting

07.04. - 10.04.2023

Celebrate Easter with same-minded people

The Easter Fetish Meeting is an event by and for fetishists, completely non-profit and is only possible via donations and our sponsors.
At the Easter-weekend we will meet in Essen in Germany, at the Hotel Bredeney and have a great time together.

The main event with f.e. exhibition, workshops, shows and much more is from 7th of April  to 10th of April 2023.

But additionally this year, the Hotel Bredeney will be reserved exclusively for us: from 5th April 2pm until 11th April 11am.
There will be no external hotel guests, which means you are welcome to wear your favourite outfit(s) the entire time.


until Friday, 07th of April 2023 6pm


Room occupancy 2023:

  • 5th April ’23: 32 Person
  • 6th April ’23: 119 Person
  • 7th April ’23: 370 Person
  • 8th April ’23: 381 Person
  • 9th April ’23: 322 Person
  • 10th April ’23: 30 Person

Currently there is no double room for Saturday available. Single rooms can be booked.

(last update: 07′ November 22)


The event is non-commercial and in order for it to take place we rely on your donations. 

Goal: 3.000 €
Donations 84%


Currently we are planning lot of great things to happen again at EFM 2023 from Friday to Monday. However, we are not an official event, all program points are only possible through the generous commitment of our community 🙂

We will announce the final information and dates as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Flyer 2023:

Frequently asked questions:

No, there is no need to register. We all meet at the same time at Hotel Bredeney.

You have to book the hotel room for your stay at the hotel directly at Hotel Bredeney. You can find instructions here. 

You can book your hotel room online on the booking page of Hotel Bredeney.

Please note: We can NOT reserve a room for you, there is no exception to this rule. 

The contact person for your hotel booking is Hotel Bredeney in Essen.

All information about the hotel and booking instructions can be found here.

Probably it will be possible again  (i.e. from the age of 18), for visting the bar and restaurant area. Changing facilities are available.

A day ticket for the swimming pool and sauna can be purchased at the reception for day guests without a hotel room for 20 euros. For the sake of fairness, we do not want to see any exceptions to this rule for the overnight guests and the hotel. We also ask for proper consumption in the bar and restaurant.

We point out that photos you want to publish, a permission must be obtained in advance from all persons to be visible there; we ask that everyone's privacy is taken seriously.

Exceptions exist where, due to the nature of the photo, everyone must assume that the photo will not remain in the private sphere (e.g. group photos). In this case, we ask the photographers to point this out again or to make a note of it in the day's planning.

The focus will probably be latex/rubber again, but the event is open to all fetishes.

We would only ask you to refrain from complete nudity in the public area of the hotel.