Photoservice and Photoshootings

Pictures at EFM

A great event with you and cool outfits – many don’t want to miss out on pictures “no matter what for”.
without pictures.

So that you don’t go home with mobile phone selfies, we’ve been able to recruit
photographers from the fetish scene. They will put you in the right light, whether
newcomers in the right light.

However, all guests should feel comfortable at the EFM, which is why there are a few rules for taking photos.

Taking pictures - the rules for ALL!

Some love pictures, others would rather be private with their friends,
so here are a few rules. These have emerged from the experiences of the last events

  1. In the hotel, the house rules of the “Hotel Bredeney” apply. If you receive instructions from staff, these must be followed.
  2. Staff/employees are not allowed to be seen on the pictures!
  3. So that “other fetis” don’t feel disturbed, shooting in the crowd is prohibited – respect the privacy of the other fetis!
  4. The corridors and hallways – often used as photo locations – will be designated as “shooting areas” at set times. Other fetis can walk across other floors and will not disturb your pictures.
  5. Shooting times at/in the pool are designated! Shooting outside of these times is prohibited!
  6. The playroom rules can also be seen at the playrooms. Here too, shooting is absolutely prohibited outside the designated times!
  7. These rules apply to the hotel and the hotel grounds.

Photo service - professional photos from our event photographers

So that you don’t have to go home with mobile phone selfies, we have been able to win over numerous photographers from the fetish scene. They will put you in the right light, no matter whether you have camera experience or are a newcomer.

You have the opportunity to have pictures taken of you with the EFM photographers. You can see their presence at the EFM days in the table. This will be constantly updated until the event and will be displayed in the hotel.

The meeting point and time will be agreed with the photographers of your choice on site. Keep at it, because at some point their slots will be taken. Check the profile pages of the photographers beforehand to see if their style appeals to you.

To make the photographer’s job easier, exchange your contact information with him or her and also give him or her permission to use the pictures for self-promotion.

You write your e-mail address and releases on a form provided and have yourself photographed with this outfit.
Please destroy this form yourself after use.

The aim is to make it easier for the photographers to do their work and rework and to be able to offer this service to many of you.

Publication of the images

We, the EFM team, would appreciate your permission to use your pictures for the next EFM event in 2024.

It doesn’t matter if you use your name, nickname or “N.N.”. The release for the EFM team is given separately, voluntarily and independently of your consent to the photographer. The pictures can, but do not have to, be used by the EFM team. The use is only and exclusively intended for the EFM website (gallery) and social media channels of the EFM event.

The pictures will be sent to you by the photographers after the event. The photographer will also send them to the EFM team depending on your consent.

The photographers

A big thank you to the photographers for being there!

NickName Friday Saturday Sunday Link
Andersartig Nrw @andersartig_nrw
Der Fetigraf @fetigraf (Instagram)
zf:photography @zf_photography / @lalela_photography
nrwfetart @nrwfetart (Instagram) /
picture sensations @_picture_sensations
KAMERAKUNST @kamera.kunst (Instagram) /
Star.Collector @starcollector_Photography
Westwooddecay @westwooddecay
Margriet DeLuchs @margrietdeluchs
Kinky4Pixels @kinky2pixel4art /

Special Photoshootings

Underwater Photos

This year you can also take beautiful photos underwater in your latex outfit.
Unfug73 will take your picture!

Saturday & Sunday from 11 am – 1 pm.

Registration to