frequently asked questions

No, there is explicitly no dress code!

However, fetish clothing is expressly permitted and very welcome. We would only ask you to refrain from complete nudity in the public areas of the hotel.


We expressly point out that for photos that are to be published, permission must be obtained in advance from all persons to be recognised there; we ask that everyone's privacy be taken seriously.

Exceptions exist where, due to the nature of the photo, everyone must assume that the photo will not remain in the private sphere (e.g. group photos). In this case, we ask the photographers to point this out again or to make a note of it in the day's planning.

There will be a strict ban on photography in the playing area (except during specially announced and advertised photo times).


Is probably possible again in general (i.e. from the age of 18), in the bar and restaurant area, changing facilities are available.

A day ticket for the swimming pool and sauna can be purchased at the reception for day guests from outside for 20 euros. For the sake of fairness, we do not want to see any exceptions to this rule for the overnight guests and the hotel.

We also ask for proper consumption in the bar and restaurant.


You can use the toilets in the first floor or the chaging rooms in the wellness area. The wellness area is available after purchasing a day ticket.


It is possible in the restaurant and bar area. However, the hotel expects moderation here and has the final word. Painful or extreme games (e.g. electricity, etc.) are not accepted by the hotel in public.

There will most likely be a separate area for setting up playground equipment again in 2023, the "playroom", which will cost us 200 euros/day. Here we would like to ask you to raise the necessary money through sponsoring or our fundraising campaign.


The focus will probably be latex/rubber again, but the event is open to all fetishes.

We would only ask you to refrain from complete nudity in the public area of the hotel.


You can book your hotel room directly on the website of the Hotel Bredeneys. 

How to book your hotel

Please note: We can NOT book a room for you (no exceptions)!


The hotel is reserved exclusively for us from Wednesday, 05.04.2023 2pm until Tuesday, 11.04.2023 11am. 

There are no external guests during this period and you are welcome to wear fetish clothing. However, we ask that you refrain from complete nudity.


We would like to point out that only persons over 18 years of age are permitted.


This is up to everyone, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 nights, depending on how long you want to enjoy it.


Yes, they are. The kitchen is open until 9 p.m., the bar even extended until 2 a.m. if enough are still there. The team behind the bar is tried and tested.


The pool/spa area is open from 06.30 am to 9:30 pm, also sauna. No drinks. No supervision. No party in the rooms. No street clothes. Please do not enter the pool area through the hedge between the pool terrace and the bistro terrace!


This year we are again trying to find a DJ with a sound system on a private level. If someone is willing, we would be happy to hear from them, they would still have to clarify "their equipment" with the hotel.


The hotel agrees on the condition that the leftovers are disposed of by the person laying out the material.


In the interest of the cleaning staff, we would like to ask you to refrain from using spray if possible.