Our photo service is now online

A great event with you and your cool outfits – many of you don’t want to miss out on pictures. So that you don’t have to go home with mobile phone selfies, we have been

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there is now also a Fetlife – Group

Fetlife, the exchange medium for young feti from all over the world, now also has its own “Easter Fetish Meeting 2023” discussion group. Have fun browsing and commenting.

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Applications for the photo wall

There will be a photo wall at the EFM again this year. This photo wall will be centrally located in the entrance area. Experience has shown that the photo wall is a popular location for

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Donations via bank transfer

By popular request, we would also like to give you the opportunity to donate via bank transfer: Here are the data required for this: Receiver: EFM2023IBAN DE36500502011252968475BIC HELADEF1822(Paypal account reference account, only deposits are possible)

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New booking conditions

Regarding the hotel reservations for our event 2023, there is a new restriction on the part of the hotel. After a detailed discussion with the hotel management, we now want to and must inform you

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Room occupancy 2023:

  • 5th April ’23: 37 Person
  • 6th April ’23: 141 Person
  • 7th April ’23: 401 Person
  • 8th April ’23: 406Person
  • 9th April ’23: 345 Person
  • 10th April ’23: 35 Person

Attention, the hotel is now full. It is no longer possible to make a booking via the hotel homepage. You can register on our waiting-list and get notified when it is your turn to book a room (if someone cancelled their reservation).

(last update: 23′ March 23)


The event is non-commercial and therefore relies on your donations. 
All information about donations, budget & expenses can be found here.


Goal: 3.000 €
Donations 100%