EFM 2022 - Event

current room occupancy figures 2022

Status as of the 2021-12-21

  • 2022-04-14: 72 persons
  • 2022-04-15: 282 persons
  • 2022-04-16: 326 persons
  • 2022-04-17: 252 persons
  • 2022-04-18: 32 persons
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Attention, there are only 15 double rooms left on Saturday

The hotel has informed us that there are only 15 double rooms available on Saturday, which means that the current capacity limit will be soon reached.

If you want to book quickly, you can find all the necessary information under this link:



Visitor Flyer 2022 available for download

If you want to promote our event, you can now do so with our official flyer. Here you can download the front page and the back page separately in high resolution for self-printing.

Flyer-Download (Frontpage  /  Backside)


a request from the hotel to us

From 04-06 to 2022-04-13 the replacement date for the horse fair (Equitana) will take place in Essen. The fair is one of the strongest in Essen and the hotel hopes for some bookings. The date overlaps with some arrivals already on 2022-04-13 for our Easter event, which is of course absolutely fine for the hotel. However, it can be assumed that some guests of the fair will still be in the hotel until 2022-04-14.

Please therefore wait with the wearing of fetish clothing on 2022-04-14 until these other guests have departed. The hotel will then give the approval on site, from when we will then have it exclusively for us.


Good signs, things are looking up with room bookings

The hotel has informed us about the latest room bookings, things are looking up (see link). Thank you all for your loyalty to this event.
The Deluxe Rooms/Superior Rooms and the Junior Suites are now unfortunately also fully booked. If anyone needs a room with more space, the hotel can still offer two identical rooms next to each other with connecting door.


ATTENTION, the hotel is now accepting bookings for 2022 again!

Please check under “The hotel” for the ways in which this is possible.


EFM 2021 cancelled

Already feared by many, now it is unfortunately true. The hotel and the organising team of the EFM2021 had to finally decide today to cancel the “Easter Fetish Meeting” event 2021.

We are very sorry about this, but the bickering of politics with the current decision is anything but helpful.

Only on 2021-03-24, after the next Prime Ministers’ Conference, a small opening with many restrictions might be possible, but that is far too unpredictable for all of us. And it would certainly not be an event worthy of the name “Easter Fetish Meeting”.

But there is also positive news: The Hotel Bredeney has assured us for Easter 2022 that we Fetis will have this hotel exclusively for us again from 14-20th of April 2022, and that we as the organising team can be responsible for the organisation. So, here’s to a new one.

What happens now? We have agreed with the hotel that everyone can change their booking individually to 2022 by simply sending an email or calling. Those who do not do so will have their room cancelled by the hotel itself for the booked period of Easter 2021 free of charge and without any other obligations.

If the corona allows it, you can also try to find a room offer at Hotel Bredeney Essen for the period over Easter 2021 from 2021-03-24, which is certainly only available to a limited extent. However, only as a private person and without event exclusivity. Maybe some of you just want to get out.

Hopefully we will see you all there again, safe and sound, in April 2022.

Your Orga-Team of the Easter-Fetish-Meeting-Event 2021

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