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Exhibitor Info

Exhibitor plan

The following exhibitors have already registered for 2022:

Peter Domenie Black Surprise - The BDSM Company LLdeSaxe Fashion Rosengarn - Latexdesign by Karin Plum 6imSinn Visage Deux KAMERAKUNST ArtGerecht Ambiente Toys TARZA & JANE YourShape Rubberrestraints Fetisch GmbH StyleFetish Industries Workshop

Exhibition Concept

Due to the great response at the cancelled event 2020 by Covid-19, the Orga-Team has decided to organize an “in-house exhibition” in the field of fetish equipment (of latex, leather, whips, steel, corset, vinyl, bondage and and and ) in 2022 as well. We still see this as a promotion of the attractiveness of the event as a whole, another highlight of our event.

Our exhibitor concept for this in-house exhibition aims to create an attractive financial basis for medium-sized, small and even micro-companies (Etsy & Co.) from the fetish environment to present their products and make them accessible to a larger audience without the need for an organizer. All this within a time frame in which they still get something out of the event itself.

At the same time, the Orga-Team does not want to and cannot be a professional trade fair exhibitor in the conventional sense, which takes care of everything as “organizer”. As a private team, we have neither the legal framework nor the possibilities or the financial or temporal freedom for this. However, we coordinate, together with an experienced partner from the exhibitor sector, the contact with the hotel without own monetary participation in any way, remain the main contact for you. And of course we will do our best to find suitable and interesting exhibitors.

Our concept:

  • The visit of the fair is free of charge for all visitors and residents of the hotel.
  • As fair times we plan the Easter Saturday from 13-18 o’clock and the Easter Sunday from 13-18 o’clock. Of course, we are guided by the wishes of the exhibitors as a group, contact us if you wish to make changes in time, which are supported by everyone.
  • The length of the booking (1 or 2 days) will be decided by each exhibitor individually in advance, please inform our coordinator.
  • In the run-up to the event, the organizing team will coordinate with all exhibitors and according to their wishes, who will occupy which room on which day with whom and together with whom. With Alexandra Schumacher (6imSinn), herself an experienced exhibitor, we have found an excellent consultant for this.
  • Stand fees are distributed fairly and are only due about 4 weeks before the event begins.
  • A contractual commitment is only created with the corresponding commitment during the in-house exhibition detailed planning phase from mid-January 2022. Where from is it only a pure “interest in participation” with a corresponding entry with name and web link in the list of exhibitors on this page.
  • The individual exhibitors will be informally supervised by the Orga-Team and contractually by our exhibitor consultant as “master exhibitor”, contact with the hotel is not necessary.

Details of the concept:

  • Also for 2022 we will limit ourselves to this 1st floor for the time being. The 2nd floor is unfortunately not available for rent.
  • Because of its location, room F would generally be used as a “workshop room”. Between most rooms there are movable, removable partitions, so that a larger connected area can be created. In the 2020 concept with 10 companies, these were the rooms B+C+D. The door in “C” can then be adjusted according to the hotel’s fire protection concept (see room plan below).
  • Our experienced partner from the exhibitor area will act as a professional “master exhibitor” towards the hotel as a contractual partner and conclude the overall contract for all rooms and the entire period. The costs will then be divided up according to the proportion of the desired individual space per stand and day in relation to the sum of all desired stand spaces per day in relation to the total costs for the rented rooms per day. The VAT included in the costs can then be distributed later after the event and reimbursed by the tax office on a pro rata basis within the participating exhibitors, provided that one is entitled to deduct VAT oneself.
  • Prices, 1st floor (all coordinated with the hotel, there are no further hidden costs):

– Room A á 200,00 € per room and day (52qm)

– Room B á 200,00 € per room and day (48qm)

– Room C á 400,00 € per room and day (approx. 100qm)

– Room D á 300,00 € per room and day (approx. 80qm)

– Room E á 200,00 € per room and day (38qm)

– Room F á 200,00 € per room and day (38qm) -> our workshop room

You can find an example of cost allocation from 2020 here.

Room plan:

Raumplan 1.Stock


  • The organizing team, together with our exhibitor consultant, ultimately decides who will be placed where within the booked rooms. Wishes regarding who likes to work with whom, the presence of necessary walls etc. are of course taken into account as much as possible. If we have to make appropriate arrangements because of Covid-19, we will work them out in contact with the hotel.
  • The contract with the hotel must be concluded at least three weeks before the event. This means that the corresponding stall fees must be received by this time at the latest.
  • There are no fixed times for assembly and dismantling, please coordinate with the others, of course there are no contractual penalties for delays etc.
  • There are no costs for a final cleaning. Provided that the exhibition room is returned clean or as we found it when we took over the hotel will not charge any extra costs. Otherwise, the conditions of the respective individual contract for room use between the hotel and the “master exhibitor” shall apply. By transferring the pro-rata stand costs (planned for the beginning of March 2022), the participating exhibitors implicitly agree that the conditions set out in the “Exhibition Contract” between the hotel and the “Master Exhibitor”, in particular with regard to cleaning costs, also apply to them in the same way in accordance with the respective pro-rata participation. In other words, if any damage occurs, each company is legally obliged to bear these corresponding additional costs in accordance with its overall share and to hand them over to the then named “Master Exhibitor” without delay after a corresponding check on the admissibility of the hotel’s claims.
  • Please use the existing freight elevator, not the passenger elevator.
  • You can already use the Friday free of charge to set up your stand, but there is still time on the morning of the fair. The exhibition area will be locked overnight. Dismantling and return then please until Sunday 24 o’clock.
  • The room prices include tables, chairs and power sockets, but do not include any additional floor mats provided by the hotel, except those already installed in the room. Lighting and changing rooms should be brought by each company, if necessary, or shared with a neighbouring stand.


Last, but not least: Please use our contact form if you are interested, we will get back to you. As written above, a commitment until the final agreement in January 2022 is a pure expression of your interest. You will then automatically receive newsletters and information and be included in the exhibitor list.

Each more attractive exhibitor on the list automatically increases the attractiveness and appeal of the trade fair and the entire event. The Orga-Team and the Fetis thank you.


Note for exhibitors: If the Corona restrictions allow it in April 2022, we expect, as in 2020, also in 2022 with about 450-550 hotel and day visitors on Saturday and about 350-450 on Sunday. We will have a small number of double rooms held back from the hotel until 1 March 2022. Please inform the organisation team if you need an overnight stay in a hotel at short notice as an exhibitor and you cannot get one through the regular channels.