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Exhibition Concept

From the good resonance of the 3 self-organized exhibitors in 2019, the Orga team decided to organize a „fair“ in the field of fetish equipment (latex, leather, whips, steel, corset, vinyl, bondage and and and ) again this year. We see this also as promoting the attractiveness of the event as a whole, another highlight of our event.

Our exhibitor concept for this in-house exhibition aims to create an attractive financial basis, especially for smaller and very small companies (Etsy & Co.) in the fetish environment, on which they can present their products and make them accessible to a larger audience without any interference on the part of an organiser. All this in a timeframe in which they still benefit from the event itself.
The Orga team does not want to be a professional trade fair exhibitor in the conventional sense, which takes care of everything, but as a private team we have neither the possibilities nor the financial or temporal freedom. We only coordinate the contact with the hotel without monetary participation in any way, but remain as a contact persons.


Our concept looks like this in detail:

  • the trade fair times are Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday from 12.00 to 16..18 (first of all the first presentation, it could be shorter, but not much longer, of course we follow the wishes of the exhibitors as a group, please contact us)
  • On the 1st floor the hotel offers a total of 6 different, individually bookable rooms (rooms A…F). For 2020 we would initially limit ourselves to the 1st floor, but additional rooms could be rented on the 2nd floor if required.
  • The individual exhibitors will each find themselves in their own group of 2-4 companies, whereby one of the companies responsible will then conclude a separate contract with the hotel for its space and its period, they will share the costs independently among themselves. The contract signer is responsible for taking over and handing over the respective room.
  • The Orga team takes care of finding suitable and interesting exhibitors.
  • In the run-up to the event, the Orga team coordinates with all exhibitors and according to their wishes who occupies which room with whom on which day and who will be the contact person for the actual contract with the hotel. Our excellent consultant for this is Andrea Schumann (6imSinn), himself an experienced exhibitor. Please use our contact form, if you are interested, we will contact you.
  • The length of the booking (1 or 2 days) will be decided by each exhibitor in advance, please inform our coordinator.
  • The visit of the fair is free of charge for all visitors and residents of the hotel.
  • Prices (all agreed with the hotel, there are no other hidden costs):

– Rooms A, B, E and F á 200,00 € per room and day (38 to 52qm)
– Room C á 400,00 € per room and day (approx. 100qm)
– Room D á 300,00 € per room and day (approx. 80qm)

  •   Conditions:

– The contracts must be concluded no later than two weeks before the event and must be paid in advance or directly on site before a key is handed over.
– There are no fixed times for assembly and dismantling, please coordinate with the others, of course there are also no contractual penalties for delays, etc..
– There are no costs for a final cleaning. If the exhibitor group returns its room clean or in the same condition as it found it when it was taken over, the hotel will not charge any extra costs. Otherwise, the conditions of the respective individual room utilisation contract between the hotel and the signing exhibitor company shall apply.
– The room prices are, as required, inclusive of tables and chairs, but without additional covers provided by the hotel, except for those already permanently installed in the room.


Note for exhibitors: For 2021 we expect approx. 450-550 hotel visitors on Saturday afternoon and approx. 350-450 on Sunday. Please inform the organisation team if you need overnight accommodation in the hotel, we will have a number of single and double rooms held by the hotel until 1 March 2021.

aktueller Ausstellerplan

Folgende Aussteller haben auch für 2021 Interesse angemeldet

  • 6imSinn
    (latex fashion from Glanzglück and Raction, latex corset and masks from JazzyFashion, shoes from Pleaser from 35 to 47, leather harness and accessories, possibly stimulation current products)
  • Rosengarn – Latexdesign by Karin Plum (Collektion Latex-Street-Style)
  • Fantastic Rubber (catsuits, corsets, hip boosters)