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Attention, changes still possible, we inform you in the News.

  • Our goal: The preservation of an Easter event for Kinks … back to the roots … enjoy his fetish among like-minded people, from the community for the community …
  • The hotel: The hotel makes its rooms exclusively available to us from Thursday afternoon to Tuesday noon. I.e. that we are “among ourselves” and at the same time have the obligation to show that we want such a place and the tradition there. Only because it pays off for the hotel through room sales and consumption in the bar and restaurant will it be willing to continue this event or even rebuild it if necessary, that worked well in 2019. But, opening up and employees on public holidays must also pay off this time from a business point of view.
  • From-To-Event 2022: from Friday 2022-04-15 2.p.m to Monday 2022-04-18 3.p.m
  • From when can you show up in fetish clothing? because of the horse fair taking place beforehand, from Thursday 2022-04-14 in the afternoon, when the last guests of this event have departed.
  • Who is the event suitable for? We would like to point out that 18 or older is only permitted for persons.
  • How long do I have to stay? This is optional for everyone, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 nights, depending on how long you want to enjoy it.
  • Can I visit the event without an overnight stay? Will probably be possible again in 2022 in general (i.e. from the age of 18), in the area of the bar and restaurant, changing facilities are available. A day ticket for the swimming pool and sauna can be purchased at the reception for day guests from outside for 20 euros. For the sake of fairness, we don’t want to see any exceptions to the overnight stays and the hotel. We also ask you to consume in the bar and restaurant.
  • Are the bar and restaurant open to everyone? Yes, they are. The kitchen is open until 9:00 p.m, the bar is even extended until 02:00 a.m in the morning, if there are enough left. The team behind the bar is proven.
  • Pool/Sauna opening hours: Open from 06:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m, also sauna. No drinks. No supervision. No party in the rooms. No street clothes. Please do not enter the pool area through the hedge between the pool terrace and the bistro terrace!
  • Can I play in public? It is possible in the restaurant and bar area. The hotel expects a moderate atmosphere and has the last word. Painful or extreme games (e.g. electricity, etc.) are not desired by the hotel in public. There will be a separate area for setting up playground equipment, the “playroom”, which will cost us 200 Euro/day. Here we would like to ask you to raise the necessary money through sponsoring or our fundraising campaign. However, this room could also be sponsored by one or more manufacturers in the sense of “practical fun with xyz”, please contact the Orga team.
  • Will there be a program in the hotel? There is no official program, but there will be a daily schedule with the respective highlights, which will also be visibly displayed in the hotel.
  • Will there be a music event? This year we will again try to find a DJ with a system on a private level. Should one of you agree, we are looking forward to getting in touch with him, he would have to clarify “his system” briefly with the hotel.
  • Will there be photographers? Yes, there will probably even be several photographers there, via our photographer service one or the other is certainly prepared to shoot with newcomers or newbies too.
  • Rules for photographing: We expressly point out that for photos that are to be published, the permission of all persons to be recognized there must be obtained in advance, we ask the privacy of everyone to take seriously. There are exceptions where, due to the nature of the photo, everyone must assume that the photo will not remain private (e.g. group photos). We then ask the photographers to point this out again themselves or note this in the daily planning.
  • Are there any clubs or parties in Essen or the surrounding area that you can go to? Yes, we know about the party of René (GFB organizer) on Sunday evening in Düsseldorf. We check the community platforms a few weeks in advance, what else there is, note this as a possibility on the daily schedule. The current goal would be to focus on the hotel.
  • Which “fetish” is there? The focus will probably be on latex/rubber again, but the event is open for every fetish. So also cotton fetish will be possible, even if it will hopefully be less pronounced. Only we would like to ask you to do without complete nudity in the public area of the hotel.
  • We would like to perform something, bring along BDSM furniture, be a DJ or otherwise support: We collect whatever you have to offer and regularly date the community when volunteers are found – for any kind of voluntary contribution, you’ll find out in the news.
  • I am an exhibitor, can I exhibit? A small fair is planned, see exhibitor info page.
  • I would sponsor if I could display flyers or anything else. Is that possible? The hotel agrees under the condition that the leftovers are disposed of by the person laying them out.
  • Can I use silicone oil spray inside the hotel? In the interest of the “chambermaids” we would like to ask you to refrain from using spray if possible.
  • How do I pay for food/drink in the hotel? If you have a credit card, you can include it when you check in. In this case you can book all meals and drinks in your room. Otherwise, the hotel staff will ask you to do this immediately (or at the end of the evening) on a cash/EC card. Alternatively, you can also find a friend who simply deposits his credit card with the hotel a second time. At the end of the checkout process, you simply pay your bill in cash/EC card. Good friends know your address 🙂
  • When do I have to check out at the hotel? You should check out every day by 12 noon, except Easter Monday by 3.p.m noon.
  • Can I change my clothes as a day guest in the hotel? Yes, the toilets on the 1st floor or the changing rooms in the pool area are available after purchasing a day ticket.