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The Concept

The “Easter Fetish Meeting” is taking place since 2019 in Essen over the extended easter weekend. This is the successor to what was known as the “Fetish Evolution weekend” that has been taking place at the Hotel Bredeny until 2018. The major difference is that while the “fetish evolution weekend” has been a commercial event the easter fetish meeting is non-profit relying only on donations and volunteering organizers. The EFM is planned to be a familiar get together of fetishists of all kinds and enjoy a relaxing weekend living your fetish.
Our goal is to create an event with a generally laid back atmosphere where everyone should feel welcome and invited regardless of experience, fetish, outfit and figure. Everyone (18+) is very welcome to join us. Also if you are concerned about going alone, don’t be there will be plenty of nice fetishist welcoming you to their groups and making friends is surprisingly easy.
No one will be forced to pay for something they don’t want to part-take in, and will also not be judged if they donate/contribute to our community may it be financially or time wise. Our goal is to set up a program which will hopefully provide the one or other highlight. A properly set up playroom, quiet music in the bar/lounge area and louder music in the dancing room will definitely be part of it. If it's all your hearts desire it is totally possible to do some chilling in fetish from friday to monday. If you want to move further than your room you can visit the bar, restaurant, swimming pool or any other place in the hotel in your exotic outfit to just hang out or take some risque photographs. There are also some external events taking place which will also be possible to visit in case you want to shop for some new outfits or want to visit bigger parties.

And nevertheless - "by Fetis for Fetis" will not get along without donations or personal employment - and therefore we need you! So, or so! As guests of the event, as guests of the hotel and the restaurant / bar, as donators of our fundraising and as helpers of any kind before and during the event.
There is already a small team that works on a non-profit base and takes care of the organization. We work transparently and voluntarily in the truest and original sense, financing website and activities purely through donations.
An enrichment to the event will definitely be the  small exhibition that will be hosted on the saturday and sunday of the event. We are currently still looking for interested exhibitors for anything fetish related (may it be latex, leather, whips, collars, corsets, vinyl, bondage,…) who would be interested in showing us your kinky and interesting products. The good rates from the hotel will be charged with no additional or hidden costs so that this could be a big opportunity for smaller and younger companies to display your products to an interested crowd. For further information look in the Exhibitor info. We are looking forward to winning a whole series for it, be curious.
Until the long Easter weekend 2020 - at the Hotel Bredeney in Essen!

current daily plan - EFM 2020 (preliminary plan)

 * 18:00  Welcome cocktails with everyone (at the bar)
* 10:00 Opening play room (1st floor, up to 24:00) -> we search for nice equipment
* 12:00 Start fair (1st floor)

Workshops (location open) -> we search for themes and speakers

* 12:00

Meet&Greet at DeMask Dortmund (inclusive barbeque from 13:00 to 17:00)

* 18:30

Group picture (at the pool)

* 21:00

Fashion show from Fetis for Fetis

(at the bar, everybody can take part without preparation, show what you have)

* 21:30

Music and Dance (Music Room), to about 1.a.m.

* 10:00 Opening play room (1st floor, up to 24:00)
  Massage (wellness area) -> we search you as masseur
  Workshops (location open) -> we search for themes and speakers
  photo shooting for newbies (location open) -> we search you as photographer
* 12:00 Start fair (1st floor)
* 19:00 Group picture (at the Hotel entrance)
* 21:00 Music and Dance (Music Room)
* 15:00 last checkout time (rooms)

playroom equipment

devices promised so far

  • vacuum cubes (Andi)
  • punishment bench (igelmann)
  • vacuum bed (Celtic)