Infoboard of EFM 2022, important infos and links during the period of event

Short informations

  • evening dinner time on Thursday is from 6.p.m. to 10.p.m



  • The contest runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Only pictures from the current day are allowed
  • Only 3 pictures per person/pair or 6 per room number per day are allowed
  • the picture wins with the highest count of paper votes (offline on evening of day at the bar)
  • picture upload ends each day 6.p.m.
  • pictures will be deleted end of each day from homepage file storage (data privacy)

Attention, the link is password protected! Look in the lobby of hotel for the value directly.

use this button to upload your picture(s) on catwalk page

general pictures directly uploaded from event by our visitors

Attention: The page is password protected too. Look into the looby of hotel for the value directly.

These pictures are then published visible for everyone. Please only upload those for which you have the corresponding permission of the persons or contents shown. By uploading the photos, you expressly acknowledge this.

The pictures will then be visible here as a Event-Gallery.