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Catwalk (English)

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Real fashion show

Conditions of participation:

  • Anyone, including couples, can take part after registering in advance.
  • Everything that pleases is allowed. We would only ask you to refrain from complete nudity.
  • The catwalk itself will take place on Saturday at 9pm on the 2nd floor, you should be ready between 8:15 and 8:30pm.
  • There will be a carpet of about 10m length. You will have about 30 seconds to present yourselves.
  • Data protection notice: A photo of you in your outfit will be taken for the voting app during the catwalk. If you wish, this photo will be physically deleted immediately afterwards, otherwise at the end of the event. However, as a precautionary measure, we would like to point out that this picture may be visible on the internet for a short time for technical reasons.

ATTENTION: The number of participants in our fashion show is limited to a maximum of 45!

Number of registrations so far

Virtual fashion show

Contest conditions:

  • The contest runs from Friday to Sunday
  • Only pictures from the current event (hotel inside or outside) can be used
  • Only 6 pictures per person or pair are allowed (the first 6 pictures only counts)
  • Please make sure that you enter your room number or nickname correctly in the subject line when uploading.
  • Voting can only be done online (link see area on the right or below)
  • Each image can only be voted 1x from each device
  • Deadline for pictures is Sunday at 8pm
  • The award ceremony for the outfit with the best rating will take place on Sunday at 9:15p.m at the bar.
  • All pictures will be deleted end of event from homepage file storage (data privacy).

Here you can upload your pictures, view them all and cast your vote

Attention, the link is password protected! Look in the lobby of hotel for the value directly.

use this button to upload your picture(s) on catwalk page