frequently asked question

About the hotel:

You can book your room directly via the Hotel Bredeney. The booking will be possible approximately around mid/end of August.

There will be a online booking system. You can find the website here: https://www.hotel-bredeney.de/

In order to better structure the hotel's operations and to better divide the programme into 3 days, there is EFM2024 a minimum stay of 3 nights from Friday to Monday.

There will be NO Check-Out or Check-In on Saturday or Sunday possible!

But if you want to, you can extend your stay and arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, and leave on Tuesday. However you want to!

During the entire period, the hotel is exclusively available to us without external guests.

Es stehen die Toiletten im 1.Stock oder die Umkleiden im Poolbereich zur Verfügung.

The pool or spa area is open from 06.30 to 21.30, same for the sauna. No drinks. No supervision. No party in the rooms. No street clothes. Please do not enter the pool area through the hedge between the pool terrace and the bistro terrace!

In the interest of the cleaning staff, we would like to ask you to refrain from using spray if possible.

It all depends on the room you book. Some rooms have a bathtub, others only a shower. You can find an exact description of the facilities on the page of the Hotel Bredeneys.

Programm, Event etc.

Sponsors, partners, workshop & show providers etc.

No, there is explicitly no dress code!

However, fetish clothing is expressly permitted and very welcome. Howevery we would ask you to refrain from complete nudity in the public areas of the hotel.

The photo rules for EFM2024 are still in the planning stage. We will inform you as soon as possible!

It is possible in the restaurant and bar area.

However, the hotel expects things to be moderate here and has the final say. Painful or extreme games (e.g. electricity, etc.) are not desired by the hotel in public.

There will most likely be a playroom again in 2024, which will cost us 250 euros/day. Here we would like to ask you to raise the necessary money through sponsorship or our fundraising campaign.

To be allowed to display flyers, you can become a sponsor of our event.

If you are interested, please contact us with a short info about yourself.

That's great, thank you for your interest! Please contact us with some information about you and your workshop.

Important information in advance: The workshop must be free of charge as part of the non-profit concept. The room is provided by the donations. We do not cover travel expenses, accommodation costs or similar.