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Workshops (English)

Presentation Electro-Play

Sunday, 11:30am-12:45pm, room F (1.floor), FluffyQueen(Queenie) and FluffyKing


Eroticism and electricity – a puzzling combination? Not at all. Electricity games offer you very versatile and literally exciting experiences. Whether as stimulation to the point of orgasm (or even just before 😉 ), or with sensual impulses for an exciting adventure in the bedroom, but also the BDSMers among us have a great tool for pain, discipline and education.

Not all electricity is the same, and so there is something delightful for absolutely everyone. 🙂

In this lecture we will tell you the most important basics about electro-play. What electro-play is all about, what you can expect from it, what types of electricity there are and what exactly can be done with it.

We talk about different electricity boxes, and also tips & tricks for your first attempts. Finally, we try to answer all your questions as best we can.

Who are we really?


We are FluffyQueen(Queenie) and FluffyKing. A couple for 4.5 years. King has over 10 years of experience with all kinds of electro-play. For about 3 years he has also been building his own electro boxes privately for friends and acquaintances. Queenie was not at all enthusiastic about electricity at the beginning, was even really afraid of it, but over time she has overcome this and has now been having a lot of fun with it, both actively and passively, for 3 years. Normally we support couples in private workshops to get started with electro-play, but for the Eastern Fetish Meeting, we summarised the whole thing into a lecture. 🙂

For whom is the presentation interesting?

All interested, curious and open-minded people and/or beginners are welcome.
No matter what age, no matter what gender.

Note: the lecture is in German.

Electricity fear?

No problem! The presentation is informative for everyone. FluffyQueen herself was afraid of electricity for many years and can understand that very well.
Who knows, maybe we can even take away your fear a little, or you can just let yourself be bombarded by new knowledge and information.

This is what the presentation contains:

  • Introduction to electricity (what types of electricity are there, how does it work?)
  • Material science (types of boxes, electrodes, cables, gel. What is needed and how is it used?)
  • Health aspects (risks, what to look out for)
  • Use (different types of play: stimulation, pain, discipline & conditioning, etc.)
  • Comparison of different boxes and types of current
  • Inspiration and tips for use in a session
  • Time for your questions

Questions or wishes:

Highheelen with Style

Saturday, 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m., (2nd floor), Alexandra (6imSinn)


We assume that we will address a large number of interested people, which is why only a shortened form of the workshop is possible on this Saturday. Our main aim is to help you feel confident walking the pink catwalk in the evening.
A short briefing for the fashion show is also included.

Who are we actually?


At 6imSinn we offer you an extraordinary shopping experience of fetish designer fashion, shoes, accessories in the Rhine-Main area, many great designers and manufacturers united under one roof. Are you looking for the perfect outfit for your next fetish party? Then let us put something together for you. Whether it's synthetic leather, wet look, latex or whatever fabric you're craving. Come in and have a look around, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Who is the presentation interesting for?

For all those who want to walk better on high heels in the future.
Also for all catwalk participants who are still unsure about walking on a catwalk.

This is what the lecture contains:

  • Foot wellbeing -> Preparing for a long evening in heels
  • Stability -> Find your balance
  • Running training

Briefing for the fashion show

  • Detailed discussion of the course of the fashio show
  • Contact person
  • Music and time
  • Voting

Participants who cannot be at the briefing on Saturday morning and have further questions, please send a short message to the following e-mail address info@6imsinn.de.

Questions and wishes:

You can find more information and dates for our workshop “Highheelen with style” on our homepage at

Introductory Round in Bondage

Saturday, 02:00 p.m.-02:45 p.m., Room F (1st floor), Bondagetreff Ruhrgebiet
Sunday, 02:00 p.m.-02:45 p.m, Room F (1st floor), Bondagetreff Ruhrgebiet


Hello dear Easter fetish community, we are the Bondagetreff Ruhrgebiet, BTR for short, and we cordially invite you to participate in our introductory round. What is the introductory round? We offer a small introductory round for newcomers and those returning. It is a good opportunity to get closer to the topic of bondage in a safe environment. First we explain six small and simple rules to make bondage with each other safer and more enjoyable. Dana then comes the practical part, here we show two to three bondages that can be learned quickly even by beginners and can be fun for everyone.

Who are we actually?

Bondagetreff Ruhr

The Bondagetreff Ruhrgebiet is a community of people who have been enthusiastic about bondage for over 10 years. Even though the scene is currently dominated by bondage with ropes due to current trends, all types of bondage find a home at the BTR. Whether handcuffs, foil, chains, straitjackets - everything is welcome and appreciated. The age of the persons involved plays just as little a role as their level of experience.

Who is the presentation interesting for?

For newcomers and those returning to the field.

This is what the lecture contains:

  • Six small and simple rules to make bondage with each other safer and more enjoyable.
  • Practical part: two to three bondage exercises that can be learned quickly even by beginners and can be fun for everyone.

Questions and wishes:

You can find more information and dates on their homepage at