The new-old Team for EFM2024

As you may have heard, the EFM2024 will take place.

The team is already preparing and organizing a lot.

Some important information in advance:

  • We are still a community-based event, non-profit and therefore completley dependent on Donations.
    Furthermore you will see transparently every income and all expenses.
  • So far we expect the hotel reservation to be via the hotel – as you are all used to it.
    We plan to open the hotel reservation until end of July, but we cannot promise that.
  • The concept of the event will be the same, as you know from the last years. BUT we will listen to your feedback and make some small changes for example the Party, the play area as far as the donations are giving us the possibility.
  • There will be no entrance fees, but we plan to cooperate more with companies to have some budget for a better program.

But who are we?

Basically there are not that big of changes: Katzentatze, Latexarmin, Fluffyking and Harald sadly have left the team.
Otherwise some person change their tasks and what they want to do. But that’s it. Detailed information you can find on our about us page.